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About OnePay Digital

OnePay Digital to offer the retail customer an opportunity to buy gold in small denominations at the lowest price. It provides an online system to its customers to buy and sell gold and silver in a simple, easy and convenient manner. The customer can request for the physical delivery of the gold whenever they want and the gold and silver shall be delivered at the customer’s doorstep.

  • Secured & Insured Gold.
  • Flexibility in Purchase.
  • Purest Gold.
  • Unnecessary Costs Eliminated.
  • Gold at your Beck and Call.
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Why choose Us

Uncapped Purchase Limit

While you can buy pure gold in small quantities, there is no cap on the amount of digital gold you can sell or gift. .

100% Transparency

With us, it's all about transparency. There are no hidden charges to worry about. Also, rest assured that you will be provided with all information up front.

No Documentation

With a 2-click buying process facilitated by OnePay Digital, there’s no need for documentation when purchasing digital gold.

Selling Digital Gold

Selling the gold that you’ve purchased online is also easy - you just have to enter the amount of gold you want to sell on the portal. To enable payment to be credited, you will need to provide your bank details.

Redeeming Gold

If you wish to withdraw or redeem the gold that you have purchased, you can request for all or part of your gold holding, between 1 gm and multiples thereof. Thus, you can also get gold delivered to your doorstep by choosing to redeem your accumulated reserves as coins or bars.


When you buy physical gold, you deal with the additional hassle of storage costs for bank vaults or lockers, including registration fees, annual charges, service charges etc. Digital gold, on the other hand, saves you this trouble. Digital gold investment is insured.